Blessed (or cursed) with more interests than she’ll ever be able to indulge in her lifetime, Michelle Iannantuono has always had her hands in different mediums – everything from films to novels, to web series and machinima, to video game and board game development.

So Octopunk Media was born.

The octopus is a many-legged beast, much like Michelle’s muse. And Iggy – the Octopunk mascot himself – is a bit edgier than the grotto-variety octopus.

Octopunk Media is an outlet for creative, observant, and original genre content. We’re not punks of the anarchy and flag-burning variety, but rather the same way “punk” is used in “steampunk” or “cyberpunk.” We intend to bring a subversive, cliche-bending edge to typical genre tropes, all while telling great stories.

Sometimes, that’s as simple as letting a female character fill an unusual role, like in Devil’s Advocate, or reminding the audience that resistance isn’t romantic in Ohm. 

Sometimes it’s utilizing sound as a horror tool instead of the visuals, like in Psychoacoustics. 

Or sometimes, it’s putting you through an experience like no other in Livescream. 

We can’t wait to surprise you with whatever we come up with next.

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Michelle Iannantuono is a full time filmmaker, soon-to-be published author, and the co-runner of AtomaCon. Her debut fiction trilogy, starting with PARADISA, is coming soon from Falstaff Books. She has written and directed three short films and one feature – DEVIL’S ADVOCATE, OHM, PSYCHOACOUSTICS, and LIVESCREAM. Her work leans in the science fiction and horror directions, because before switching careers to follow her passion, she was an industrial chemist (which is equal parts scientific and horrifying). When she’s not behind the camera or behind the pen, she’s probably gaming, making YouTube videos, fangirling something, or politely asking Cthulhu to eat her chaos.

Visit her on Twitter or Instagram.