Fallout Sanctuary is an upcoming 10-episode animated fan series written by and directed by Michelle Iannantuono of Octopunk Media (writer/director of Livescream, Detroit Evolution, Seven Deadly Synths).

This ensemble sci-fi drama follows events of Bethesda’s video game Fallout 4. Built entirely in game engine, the series is ultimately about overcoming personal and collective traumas, and coping with existence in a hostile world.

PAYMENT: At least $1.50 per line with a $35 minimum for roles that require <25 lines. We will do sessions remotely with live direction and scene partners. You will not be required to edit your sound – we will handle all the post-production.

REQUIREMENTS: This opportunity is remote. No prior experience is necessary, nor do you have to be familiar with the source material, but we do seek folks who can demonstrate abilities in both acting and voicework, and who have a good microphone setup. For those who live locally to Charleston, SC, we may be able to do live sessions in our studio if you do not have the tech. We will be flexible with most any schedule.

TO APPLY: Send your name, voice reel/vocal samples, and any roles you’d like to audition for, to falloutsanctuarycast@gmail.com with the headline [YOUR NAME – FALLOUT SANCTUARY]. I’ll respond with audition pages if you sound like you could be a good fit!


Seeking soundalikes! Checkout folder of references here: https://drive.google.com/…/1nAMA7p61ra7nFIWV460NhhT4vJ0…

[CAIT] – 20s-30s female. Loud and sarcastic voice with a Scotch-Irish accent.
[CURIE] – 20s-30s female. A gentle and curious lilt with a strong, native speaker French accent. A scientist robot who is discovering life for the first time.
[HAYLEN] – 20s-30s female. A young recruit who is coming into her own. Slight nasal, mid-range.
[PIPER] – 20s-30s female. Nasal and energetic, nosy reporter. A bit of a New England accent.
[INGRAM] – middle-aged female. A bit droll and nasally, on the lower range of female tones. A mechanic for a military order.
[DESDEMONA] – middle-aged female. Low range, mature, and cool. A hardened leader who is passionate about her beliefs. Her original VA was Claudia Christian.
[DR. AMARI] – middle-aged female. Mature, with an Indian accent and rasp. Brilliant scientist and neuro surgeon. Her original VA was former HFPA president Meher Tatna.

[SHAUN] – Pre-teen to teenage boy, quiet and even-toned. Curious and gentle.
[RHYS] – 20s-30s male. Confident soldier, always a bit irritated, very “by the books.”
[DANSE] – 30s-40s male. Deep voice, sounds quite a bit like George Clooney. Searching for identity after recently being exiled from a military order.[STURGES] – 30s-50s male. Warm voice, Southern accent. Works as a mechanic.
[MAXSON] – 30s-50s, male. Mid range to baritone, very clipped and aggressive. A brutish and uncompromising leader.
[CODSWORTH] – 40s-60s, male, speaks in a thick Queen’s English accent. He is a robot butler.
[KELLS] – 40s-60s male. Authoritative and baritone, sounds a bit like Keith David. Commander of an airship and married to protocol.
[HANCOCK] – A deep and gritty male voice, with a lot of added-on rasp and a slight Northeast accent. A bit rock and roll. Hancock is a non-human character, check out the voice references to get a better read on how he sounds.

–> No vocal references, so any voices may apply!
1. [DUNCAN] – 4-year-old male, any race. Energetic and sincere.
2. [CAPTAIN WES] – Adult male, any race. Taunting, intimidating mercenary.
3. [DR. ALBERTS] – Adult, any gender/ race. Sniveling, intelligent, but ultimately helpful.
4. [INSTITUTE SCIENTIST] – Adult, any gender/race. Haughty, well-educated, and bitter about life.
5. [HAMILTON] – Adult, any gender/race. Effective and sincere leader.
6. [RAIDER] – Broad call for multiple raiders. Adult, any gender/race. Possibly with southern accents. Has a few lines in French.
7. [LUCY] – 20s/30s female, any race. Warm and loving tone.

Happy trails! The deadline is June 18th for me to get your audition, so get in your queries soon to falloutsanctuarycast@gmail.com and I’ll return with pages ASAP.

–> Seeking soundalikes! Checkout folder of references here:https://drive.google.com/…/1nAMA7p61ra7nFIWV460NhhT4vJ0…

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