Livescream Scores 9.3/10 on Found Footage Critic

We’re super humbled to share the very first published review of Livescream, provided by Michael Steinberg at Found Footage Critic. His positive and in-depth review also features a detailed interview with Michelle Iannantuono about the film’s technical and creative aspects.

Found Footage Critic is a unique review site, in that they pay special attention to the plausibility and purity of “found footage” films. In addition to considering typical aspects like plot and acting, they dive deep into the realism and innovation essential to the found footage genre.

Some highlights of the review include:

“Gunner Willis performs wonderfully as the gaming enthusiast, Scott. His character is personable, has a strong moral center, but like most people, carries personal demons which are revealed later in the film. Gunner Willis delivers a seamless performance and effortlessly carries the film as his character Scott interacts with his hundreds of online followers.”

“LIVESCREAM is a unique, engaging, and well-paced found footage film that leads the genre into fresh, unexplored territory.”

We encourage you to check out the full, much more detailed review here. You can also check out Livescream’s database entry on Found Footage Critic, and perhaps leave a review of your own!


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