Livescream Wins Jury Award, Best Actor, and Runner Up Audience Choice at Crimson Screen

What a weekend! We’re extremely humbled by the support and generosity shown to us at the Crimson Screen Film Festival. Not only did Livescream enjoy an incredible world premiere, but we were fortunate enough to take home awards for Best Actor, Runner Up Audience Choice, and The Jury Award.

Since I was a stumbling mess when I accepted all of these in person, now I get to articulate my feels a little more eloquently.

Although I knew this film was kind of niche, I desperately hoped it would find its way into the hearts it wanted to call home. Of course, many of those hearts included Mike Kelleher, and Mike Lombardo’s giant big-hearted crew, who advocated for this film all weekend and were just overall incredible, selfless, kind, and made the weekend magical. But thank you to everyone who voted for the film, cheered for it, attended the screening, or even came up to me at some point in the weekend and chatted with me about it. Your insights were all so heart-warming and they really validated what I was trying to do with Livescream.

I remember the first time I watched Livescream in its rough cut form, with Gunner and Austin both sitting beside me. I felt numb. I wasn’t sure what I’d made. I wasn’t sure if it was any good. After burying myself in it for eight straight weeks, the film had lost all novelty to me. I could only view it on a technical level. And on a technical level, I had zero complaints. But I still felt empty. I started to doubt whether anyone would understand it, whether people would want to sit through it, whether it had too slow a middle, etc.

Eventually, after sitting away from it for a few weeks and re-watching it, I did start to like what we had. And then a few weeks later, when we started getting into festivals, I thought “okay, maybe we have something watchable.” But being able to see this film through your eyes restored all my original love, passion, and zeal for this project that spurned me to make it in the first place.

Thank you to everyone at Crimson Screen Horror Film Fest 2018 – of course Tommy and Robert who graced Team Livescream with two of these awards. Thank you Troy for being my audience buddy for most of the weekend (and who made the very awesome Stirring which all ya’ll should check out!), my dear friends John, Michael Whaley, Ken, Scott, Langley, Amanda, Greg, Alyssa, Austin, Michael Daly, Kathleen and many many others (and Mom) who supported me long before Livescream was even a concept. And finally Christopher Bickel who warned me that the wait between finishing the film and premiering it would be excruciating  It was a hard wait, but well worth it.

On to the next! And congrats to all of the winners and countless friends, colleagues, and horror fans who I mingled with this weekend. I love you all, and thanks for giving me a lot of awesome stuff to watch!

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